Our Equipment

The tools we use.

Turning Centers

12" Dainichi F30 50 Turning Center
Supermax YCM-TC-2
Haas ST-10 14" x 16" with bar feeder
Haas ST-40 25.5" x 44" (x2)


24.5” x 168” Monarch
24” Bullard Vertical Turret Lathe
Ticino 420 Gap Lathe
Prototrac CNC Toolrooom Lathe 13” x 30”
Southbend Lathe (manual) 13” x 40”
Acer 29”x120”
25.5” x 246” Cap Monarch
Kingston HJ 1700 17” x 72”
VDF 42” x 72” 54” IN Gap
17” x 59” Whacheon Lathe
20” x 80” Whacheon Lathe CNC

Machining Centers & Saws

Clausing Kondia CNC Milling Machine (x2)
Johnford 850-A w/ 20 Station Tool Changer
Haas VF-2 16” x 30” Travel w/ 20 Station Tool Changer
Grob Band with 20” Throat
Clausing KC1016VS
Cosen Model C-500 MWC
Lagun CNC Mill with Fagor control
Lagun CNC Mill with Prototrak control
Lagun CNC Mill with Accurite Mill Power
Haas VF-6 64" x 32" w/ 30 Station Tool Changer and HRT450 Rotary Table
Haas VF-11 40" x 120" Travel w/ 30 Station Tool Changer
Haas VF-10 30” x 120” Travel w/ 20 Station Tool Changer

Gear Cutters

Barber Coleman #12 Horizontal Hob
TOS Gear Shaper CNC
Fellows Gear Shaper #6A (x3)
TOS 24” Cap Gear Hob
Adams 12” Cap Gear Hob
Fellows Gear Shaper #7 CNC

Drill Presses

American Radial Arm Drill 13” x 60”
Floor Model Drill Presses (x6)
Rockwell Floor Drills (x2)


Richards Horizontal Honing Machine
Acer 10” x 20” Cap Surface Grinder
Cincinnati Centerless Grinders (x2)
Norton Cylindrical Grinder 10” x 36”
Tool and Cutter Grinder
Blanchard 20” Rotary Grinder

Computers, Inspection Equip & Misc.

Mastercam CAD/CAM System (x5)
AutoCad System (x4)
Hole & Thread Gauges
Misc. Gauge Blocks
Brown & Sharpe Gauge 2000 Coordinate Measuring Machine
Davis Keyseater (standard/metric) CNC (x2)
Towmotor Lift Trucks (x3)
Fanuc Robocut C600ib Wire EDM 23-1/2"x15-5/8"x12-1/8"
16” Optical Comparator w/Readout
Brown & Sharpe MicroHeight (Height Gauge) with SPC Microprocessor
Mitutoyo SPC Processor
ID & OD Micrometer to 20”
Dial Bore Gauges to 6”


Chevalier Surface Grinder (manual) X 18” Y 6” HGT. 10”
Delta Surface Grinder (manual) X6” Y5” HGT. 8”
Yam OD/ID Grinder 10” dia. Max, Lgth. 16”
Kent Surface Grinder (automatic) X 16” Y 7” HGT. 8”
Chevalier Surface Grinder (auto) X 26” Y 13” HGT. 15”
Chevalier OD/ID Grinder 10” dia. Max, chuck on 32”, off 26”

Milling Machines

VH850 Twinhorn Machining Center
VH500 Twinhorn Machining Center
Cincinnati Horizontal Mills (x2)
Acer Mill with Digital Readout
#3 Cincinnati Horizontal Mill
Lagun Milling Machine(manual) X28”, Y13” (2 machines)
Lagun with Accurite CNC X28”, Y13”
Kondia with Accurite CNC X26”, Y12”
RBI with Jig Grinding Attachment X24”, Y12”

Fabrication Equipment

Ercolina Tube Pipe Angle Profile Bending Machine
Cooen C-650MNC 24" CNC Band Saws
Pexto 3 Roll Hand Rolls 16 gauge x 3'
Wysong 3/16"x6' 3 rolls Plate Bender
Bewo 10" Cold Cut Hand Saw
Krras 3/8"x10' Hyd Shear
Primeline 220 Ton Press Brake (x3)
Primeline 100 Ton Press Break
Pacific 1/2"x12' Hyd Shear
Cole-Tuve 5/8"x8' Hyd 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine
Scotchman Iron Worker
Ridgid Pipe Threader
Spartan IW50S Iron Worker
Whitney Manual Punch
Bead Blaster 45" x 23" x 18"
Scotchman Miter Saw 14"
Grinding Master Time Saver 36"
Clausing Stanfrite Bandsaw
Do-All Model V36 Bandsaw
Sharp LVM Milling Machine
Miller Synchrowave 350LX Welder
Lincoln Power Mig Welder (x2)
Miller 252 Wire Welder (x5)
Hypertherm XPR300 HD CNC 6'x24'x3" Plasma Cutter
Hypertherm HD CNC 6'x12'x1" Plasma Cutter
Hypertherm Powermax 1250 Hand Plasma
Burney 1250 Plasma Table 6 x 12
Bridgeport Milling Machine 16"x24" travel
Miller 251 Wire Welders (x2)
Bobcat Miller 225 Stick Welder
Miller Synchrowave 250DX TIG Welder
Lincoln Invertec V350 Wire TIG Alu Spool Welder
Miller 251 Wire Alu Spool Gun Welder
Amada Punch Press (x2)
Adira 3/8 x 10' Hyd Shear
Adira ¼ x 10' Hyd Shear
Well Setting Milling Machine 16" x 24"
Vectrax Lathe 48"
Wellsaw Saw
Eagle Roll 48"
Primeline 350 ton Press Brake 16' travel
Cosen Mitre Cutting Horizontal CNC Bandsaw 20"
Compound Mitre Saw (for wood or plastic)
8" Milwaukee HD Panel Saw (for wood or plastic)
10" Delta Table Saw (for wood or plastic)
Apollo Bender

Paint Facilities & Trucks

UD Truck 20' Flatbed
2003 Chevrolet 1500 Long Bed
2007 Chevrolet 1500 Long Bed
Paint Facility (Reidsville) - 25'x25'x19'H
Paint Facility (Reidsville) - 24.5'x14.5'x8.5'H

Other Equipment

Various Drill Presses/Sandblaster
Giddings & Lewis Cordax CMM
Starrett 24” Height Gage
Optical Comparators
Do-All Horizontal Saw 16”wide x 10” thick
Vertical Saw
Sunnen Hone
Cress Heat Treat Oven
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